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About This Site

My name is John Sutherland. Today, I am pretty much a researcher, focusing on genealogy projects and on discussions regarding current world events and historical events. The concept and creation of the site was my idea, but I never would have been able to actually create the site if it had not been for the able assistance of Laurie Swoboda who provided the experienced website design and development talents that were needed to put my ideas into a usable form.  Thank you Laurie.

Now, having noted that, there are a few ‘rules of the road’ that we users of the site should all be sensitive to and abide by.  This website is intended as a friendly community and a place where historians and family researchers can meet and exchange ideas.

Registered members young and old are encouraged to ask any and all questions concerned with current events and/or historic events.  The site includes a developing library of historic documents, a dual purpose blog page, and an interactive forum.


  • To keep in mind the site’s purpose as a friendly and educational community
  • To make certain that other members feel welcome and comfortable
  • To amiably welcome new members and show them the ropes gently
  • To keep the discussion more or less on the educational aspects of history and family research
  • To open a new post for a new topic


  • There are no stupid questions — please ask, especially if something is not clearly posted
  • We are all here to learn


You may ask any question or post anything about current events, and/or historic events, or people and locations that is consistent with the idea that the subject matter is educational and/or truthful and informative to yourself and others.


Anything, including the following, that is not helpful to others

  • Venting. Find someplace else if you want to share your anger
  • Making someone feel bad for asking a question
  • Personal attacks on other members or posters
  • Cussing of any kind
  • Unrelated advertising


We want above all for this site to be a place where Highlander registered members are comfortable to openly and freely discuss any and all current events, any historic events, and any and all genealogical research topics. We are trying to create and maintain an educational website where people can look forward to visiting, learning, and sharing thoughts and ideas.  And as Family Tree Maker developers know, that doesn’t happen by magic – it will take all of us in the Highlander community to come together in kindness and respect, and to nudge out those who might try to make it otherwise.

Attention Authors, Historians, and Genealogists

Highlander is quite amenable to posting new articles and documents in historical and/or genealogical subject areas that can be easily accessed by members of the Highlander community.  So, if you are the author of historical and/or genealogical documents, or the copyright owner of such documents, or if the documents you want to submit are out of copyright protection, please register and contact Highlander for agreement to post your document(s).  The more truthful and accurate historical material we have posted on Highlander, the better for everyone who researches these subjects.

Have a great day, and enjoy your visit to Highlander.com!